Young Ethnographer's Survey Summer Employment Program

The Los Angeles Promise Zone (LAPZ) Initiative involves public, private and community partners. They work together to improve public education, safety, jobs and housing opportunities for people living in the central LA neighborhoods of Hollywood, East Hollywood, Pico-Union, Westlake and Wilshire Center.

The LAPZ is creating a summer job program for 11th grade students (rising seniors). Students will survey their neighbors in order to measure the quality of life in their community. The six-week Young Ethnographer program will teach students important college and career skills, and will also include fun weekly outings.

Characteristics of a quality applicant:

  • Fluent in Spanish, Thai, Korean, Armenian, Bengali and/or Arabic
  • Desire to attend college
  • Active in local organizations or community affairs
  • Participates in co-curricular activities, especially related to politics, arts and culture
  • Interest in history, geography, language, social studies or other relevant subjects
  • Positive energy, enthusiastic, sociable, good team player, exhibited leadership skills
  • Ability to spend 6 hours per day walking outside, talking with community members and entering data on a computer

Student Benefits

  • $1,800 in total summer earnings for 180 hours of training, work, excursions and skill building(6 hours per day, 5 days per week for 6 weeks at a rate of $10 per hour)
  • College application and resume booster
  • Career and skills development
  • Community and civic engagement
  • Team building, network building, mentorship, and friendship
  • Education in ethnography, data entry, local history, LA geography and more


Cohort Leader Application Here

Young Ethnographer Application Here

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