Xochitl: Struggling in LA

This picture caught my attention because this is an area where people have different types of opinions. Some people think that doing this survey is not something that will help any of the communities out, therefore, they do not take the survey. On the other hand, there are some people that want to learn more about the L.A Promise Zone and are willing to help out us out by taking the survey and they start sharing stories with some of us. Recently a couple shared their story of how they became homeless and what are some struggle that they have been going through these past five months. Their story of how they became homeless starts like this: They used to live in the Westlake community and they used to pay $900 for rent, it is until months later that their rent went up to $1000 per month. When it was time for them to pay their rent the lady of the house lost her check and they did not have any money so that they could pay. Since they did not have money to pay their rent they got taken out of their apartment and since then, it has been five months that they have been struggling on the streets. “ This is a very bias area, whenever they see that my wife is white they do not want to give me a job” those were a few words that one of them told me. They both have been wanting to get a job so that they could get a place to live in, but they so far haven’t been able to because of discrimination.