Susana: Heart

Throughout this experience I met many people with interesting stories to share. One story in particular caught my attention and stood out above all. I was walking down a street looking for people to survey and this man, who we will name Abe, came up to me and asked me what the LA Promise Zone was about. I explained the premise of this program and asked if he was willing to fill out a survey. Abe complied and throughout the survey he shared that he had been in prison and when he came out he moved to Los Angeles. He had a son who had a kid of his own and they resided in their home state. Abe was trying to look for work at the moment because he had been let go due to the fact that he was associating with the wrong people. Although Abe himself was homeless he personally took in another homeless man under his wing because he was disabled and couldn't really do much on his own. Abe would point out various homeless people around the area and the way that he would help them out. He stated that if he were to win the lottery he would create a homeless shelter and would house senior citizens permanently and for the younger people he would give them up to three months so that they could get back on their feet. Abe also wanted world peace and for people to be treated the same, with kindness and respect. He sets an example because he is extremely selfless and I hope I can one day have a heart big enough as his.