Stephanie: I’m Grateful

This program has helped me realize so much. First off, I have learned to appreciate my community more. Some ways that I have changed is by helping people on a daily basis if I see that they need help and picking up trash. When I'm out in the field I just walk around and don't appreciate everything I have in my community because to me it's something normal. But then when we went on a trip to visit Watts I saw how people don't have all the services we have. As I walked around I saw mostly liquor stores and fast food restaurants, it made me realize that not everyone has what I have in my community. For example, where I live there's farmer markets, markets, and clinics near by. On the other hand Watts doesn't have many of these services nearby and people have to travel far. The streets in Watts have trash everywhere and many of the streets smell terrible. When we went to visit the Watts Towers we got the chance to go into the Watts Tower Art Center where everyone was so friendly and welcoming. They talked to us about the great things about their community because that is their home. But they also want to make a change. Also , they talked to me about trying to get more funds for their program so they could get more supplies for the kids. To end our trip we went to visit a restaurant called LocoL. The food was great and best of all we got a tour of the whole restaurant where I felt so welcomed because everyone was so lovely. At the end of the day everyone loves their community but there are many things that have to be changed. I hope that one day everyone has the resources they need near them no matter the neighborhood they live in. I love my neighborhood and I hope to live here my whole life as long as my family can afford it. My experience has been great and I now admire The Promise Zone so much more.