Samantha: Friendliest Community

This area is unlike any other, the friendliest we have surveyed in my opinion. From Vermont and Pico to Mariposa and Pico, this area was simply a very comforting and friendly area to survey in.

I attend a youth group at the school in St.Thomas, and although I walk by the area every Friday, I never get to interact with the community; it's just people from the youth group I get to interact with.

But after today, I got to say that it was very amazing to get to know people from this community better instead of just passing by them. I got to interview a few businesses around the area where I usually pass by, and it feels good knowing you know a bit more about what they are, what they sell, and how it goes for them economically.

I know that the St.Thomas community is very united and supportive of each other. This church has been a main point of reunion or gatherings for the community as well as the park right behind the church. I can infer that the high levels of kindness come from the fact that most of them are involved with the church, and since the church always promotes community involvement, only a total of 6 people rejected the opportunity to fill out a survey. Even the people who rejected , were very friendly and kindly denied giving a full explanation of why they could not but wished they could.

The area was interesting overall, I met two Hispanic Trump Supporters, something I never imagined I’d find. However, their conversation was in some way, professional, willing to listen to another point of view which was in this case, my own.

I like the mutual respect this community has and I would not mind to come again and survey any other day.