Richard: Accident on Sight

The photo is of a store that sells survival gear and survival needs like metal containers to store equipment, boots that can withstand surfaces like mud or concrete. Clothing that is comfortable and can also withstand harsh weathers. Tents so you can live in a shelter instead of being out in open for sleeping, a parachute to land safely on the ground, and a gas mask so you can breath air when you’re in a area surrounded in harsh environment. This store has been at this location for all my life and I always wondered what exactly they sold.  I won’t be able to figure it out anytime soon mainly because I don’t need to see or buy stuff in that store. Sometimes I do see people go to the store but they don’t seem to buy much and they don’t buy stuff like a parachute or a gas mask. I’m pretty sure however people do buy things such as a gas mask or a parachute just to be prepared for anything. I personally think this store is the store to go to buy your important emergency needs. The neighborhood around this store is okay most of the time but also crowded to the point that car crashes happen often. When I took this photo, my team and I had just witnessed a car collision. What occurred was an ambulance was passing through which is why the car stopped on the right and the car behind it did not and therefore crashed into the car in front of it.