Ingrid T. :Dream Big

This picture  is from Puebla Mexico on a evening that I was walking with my family. Even though not from K-Town or Westlake or the LA Promise Zone area. The only thing that matter is that we all share the same sky. The sky gives us dream, hope, and relaxation, something that we can relate to. The way I see it in this picture is that the storm  is coming soon. Through no light from the hopes, but if you see closely there a little part of sunshine. This shows me that even though we living in a storm right now for the past months or years there is still sun for our eyes and for our dreams. I believe that we can stand up and be be together as a team no matter what happens in the circumstances that we living through right now . There are so many emotions right now in our community that we have to look at each other and reflect what is happening right know, what can we do in order to have a voice, and stand united as a community as a city. Everyone has a voice -- a thinking machine, a way to express our self and be a leader. We as people can do so much more in our community and our city and for our country. There are hopes  and dreams still there  to accomplish, but you know what...DREAM BIG, choose your own path and make a change in your community make a meeting or anything, go for big , do not let anyone stop you from where you are from or standing , laugh, cry, peace and love to our community.