Diana: Being Grateful

I met this dog named Silly while surveying her homeless owner. Through this program I’ve learned many things from the people that I’ve surveyed, some people are completely satisfied with their surrounding, and others are quite the opposite, and actually really frustrated with this community, and I don’t blame them. However from this dog, and owner I learned to be less angry, and more grateful. I always look around and think “wow this place is so ugly, and there is so much to fix.” I dwell on all the bad, and fail to acknowledge the good. This dog Silly is homeless, and all along with it’s owner were really happy with how little they had, and found comfort and a feeling of home here in Hollywood. I don’t know where I’m going with this, but yeah this program has been great to me. It has exposed me to the great people in my community, and has allowed me to love, and feel more passionate about my community’s well being.