Deborah: Homelessness in All Communities

As the days passed by during surveying and taking notes of my community, I saw repeating issues. Some of the repeating issues were trash or belongings of others( homeless). I saw this in almost all the neighborhoods we visited over the past few weeks. It broke my heart to see  that people were struggling so much without food and would leave their belongings behind. I believe this is the number one thing our economy is struggling with. I just feel like if we were to go out into our community and help those in need more often it would be a better economy and place for the people struggling with homelessness. It would also better if we keep the homeless people in shelters till they can get themselves together rather than kicking them out half of the time. This was just one of the few issues I've seen. But this was also the only issue that impacted my life as I went into the communities.