Chris: Westlake Macarthur Park

I took this picture because it shows the pretty clear skies with the buzzling busy streets of Westlake Macarthur Park. It shows the mellow evening sky with people on their commute from or to work. Some are going home and some are off to work, with everyone running off like busy worker ants. It also shows the beauty of the park off in the distance with the tree swaying in the summer breeze. This picture also helps me recapture those summer days as a kid going to park with my parents, staying up ‘till dark, going home exhausted after a day of fun in the sun. Living in Westlake I’ve only seen the park improve, with new play areas, and turf for sports like soccer and football, with even more plans to better the park. This park always gives me a sense of old memories and new ones, going back to my youthful days and the days now, the park almost works like a time machine bringing back old memories and making new ones.