Tiana: Tour De City Hall

"This Tuesday, July 5, 2016 my fellow young ethnographers and myself had the opportunity to tour the Los Angeles City Hall Downtown. Stephanie, who works at the City Hall with the LA Promise Zone, gave us the tour. Amongst the many floors and halls, she explained the history of the building and Los Angeles. She explained that there were 27 floors at City Hall and 11 miles of secret underground tunnels in Los Angeles. She also led us to one of the floors where the city council hearings take place-- unfortunately the room was locked due to recess. However, we were able to see who each of the council members were from the 15 districts that represent each community, 4 of them being from the LA Promise Zone. One of my favorite parts of the tour was when we took the express elevator to the 26th floor called the “Mayor Tom Bradley Room” which was a gallery walk of all of the past historical mayors of Los Angeles and a little description about them."