Lisbeth: The Potential of Angelenos

On July 6, 2016, Mayor Eric Garcetti and the community of Los Angeles held a press conference for their successful HIRE LA’s YOUTH Summer Employment Program, which allows youth to get hands on training in multiple fields. As we all know, Los Angeles has a great amount of diversity in its communities. Their main focus was to guarantee young students ages 14 to 24, like myself discover new fields to inspire them for their future careers. Their mission was to ensure 15,000 jobs to the young folks who may one day become the future President of the United States, or the doctor who finds a cure for cancer.

Luckily, a few of us were able to get a picture with him in the huge crowd. There were many other young people who were working on different programs like us and were pleased to get in our picture. It was a wonderful experience and will be my highlight for this summer 2016. We hope that Mayor Garcetti was as intrigued and content to have met all of us as we were to meet him. We hope he'll be checking out the work we will be doing in the upcoming weeks.