Ilene:Gaining Knowledge and Experience Through Difficulty

In the young ethnographers program, there are 5 groups that consist of one team leader and 6 young ethnographers . My team consists of our team leader Martin, and young ethnographers Francisco, Lisbeth, Yesenia, Shellby, Tiana, and myself, Ilene. July 6, 2016 was our first day out in the field to collect surveys.

Our first beat/zone to survey was the East Hollywood area, specifically the area of the Hollywood/ Western metro station. We went into the field pretty confident that it was going to be easy to get a lot of surveys because it was a highly populated area. However, we came across some complications out in the field. These complications included people being busy, going to work, not living in the promise zone area, or simply were not interested in taking the survey.

We may have not done many surveys, but we did gain something from the experience. We learned to accept rejection without letting it get to us. Instead, we simply smiled and said thank you to stay motivated because no success came without hard work.

With this experience, we also realized that we had to improve our strategies of approaching people. We decided to have a pitch about the young ethnographer program to help hook people in. Our first day may have been harsh, but it helped us see not everyone was open to cooperate and know that it was okay, because there were people that were.  After reviewing our first day, the next day out in the field we would go with better ideas, confidence, and the passion of making a difference in the world and our communities.