Yesenia: Art Talks

July 7, 2016

"Today the Young Ethnographers went to the Robert F. Kennedy Community Schools to brainstorm and discuss our first official day of surveying the communities. Many of the teams faced many different challenges, from rejections from the public, to many residential areas to the big challenge of trying to get the community to understand the reason for the surveys. After a long and engaging conversation on what the Ethnographers could do better, we enjoyed a tour around the Robert F. Kennedy school. Our wonderful tour guide, Franky gave us more information about the schools that is so actively engaged in the arts. The school’s art comes from artists from the communities, teachers and art based on students. Words can not describe the creativity and beauty of the art so I'll let the pictures do the talking. ( There is also a great view from the fourth floor - This is Hulking from the Young Avengers signing out"