The purpose of the Working Groups is to accomplish the 4 goals of the Promise Zone initiative by developing and implementing strategies and programs. The Working Groups include key partners and community organizations interested in creating action strategies to achieve the goals of the project.  Partners are expected to participate in at least one group. The minimum number of partners in each group is 10 in order to maintain a balance of members in each group.

Action strategies coming out of the Working Groups will reflect shared knowledge and resources. This will let Working Groups create short and long-term measures to monitor the effectiveness of the action strategies; and to review and revise as needed to accomplish the LA Promise Zone goals for the selected communities.

There is a facilitator in each Working Group. Facilitators will coordinate, attend Working Group meetings and share information with other groups’ to foster teamwork. One LA Promise Zone AmeriCorps*VISTA member will staff each group and work closely with the facilitator in making sure information is shared about agenda items, take notes and be an active participant. The groups are to meet monthly or as needed to make action strategies, track progress and make necessary changes.