The Work

The LA Promise Zone Initiative is a collective impact project involving leaders from government, local institutions, non - profits and community organizations to target resources to create jobs, boost public safety, improve public education and stimulate better housing opportunities for our residents and neighborhoods. 

Over 60 local organizations work together to meet our goals and 40 more have signed on as supporters of the initiative. We represent the diverse makeup of the LA Promise Zone and provide the linguistically and culturally appropriate services necessary to meet the needs of the area's multi - ethnic, multi - cultural and Limited - English Proficient  (LEP) populations. 

The City of Los Angeles is the lead agency that oversees the LA Promise Zone; the Youth Policy institute is our lead implementation partner. 


Mission Statement

The LA Promise Zone Partnership empowers our culturally diverse communities by aligning our efforts and resources to support family success. Our work recognizes the importance of high performing schools and quality educational programs, public safety, housing affordability and economic opportunity as essential elements of healthy neighborhoods.